Clowns demand for a public apology by Joe Biden after Biden called the US President a clown


Numerous clowns have reacted angrily to the first TV debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump after Biden had called the US President a clown.  Several thousand clowns have expressed their deepest disappointment about such verbal attacks.

The World Clown Association (WCA) is now demanding an official public apology by presidential candidate Joe Biden, after Biden had called the US President Trump a clown.

“Offending our cute clowns has definitely gone too far!” explains a spokesman for the WCA with tears in his eyes. 

“Everyone can agree with me, that some things the president Donald Trump says and does are funny, weather involuntarily or not. But it is our mission and job to make people laugh,” the spokesman explained.

“Our clowns are not like Trump and Trump is not like our clowns. He is just a narcissist egomaniac dividing the country and spreading lies. We don’t want to have anything to do with that!”

According to WCA candidate Biden caused enormous damage to the impeccable image of clowns with his remark during the first presidential TV debate comparing Trump with clowns.

Biden himself has expressed understanding for the objections of the clowns, but saw no reason to retract his statement.  “What is said is said,” said the presidential candidate Biden today at a press conference shortly. 

“I am not going to take a knee to sympathize with or apologize for clowns,” stated Biden.


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