Great White Shark to be officially renamed as Average Caucasian Shark by WWF


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) announced today that to avoid offending any ethnic group by their color the ‘great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) will be officially renamed as the ‘average Caucasian shark’

‘We want to address the issue of low diversity and representation,’ the WWF spokesperson said commenting the renaming of a shark, previously known as the great white shark.

‘We would like to emphasize that WWF will do everything possible to increase peoples awareness, that there is no room for discrimination by race, color, origin in the wild life and nature’ the spokesperson said.

In addition, WWF announced that the organization is investigating complaints about several other species whose name may feature offensive characteristic, like white bear, black panther, black mamba, red panda among others.

‘WWF takes such complaints very seriously ‘ explained the spokesperson.

‘If our investigations reveal that any species name might be offending to minorities or ethnic groups, we are always prepared to effect the respective changes and rename such offending species,’ the spokesperson confirmed.


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