NEW AND BETTER COVID-20 IS COMING: Chinese researchers to introduce a new COVID-20 virus in June

New Covid-20 virus

There has been many worrying news lately that the COVID-19 virus has been mutating itself into several new coronavirus variants.

The scientists have found that the ‘good old’ Chinese coronavirus variant has been mutating to British, South-African, Brazilian and some other new coronavirus variants.

The scientists have no explanations why or how those mutations have occurred. There have been some speculations that such mutations are caused by some other unknown virus, but so far there are no factual evidence supporting that theory.

Fortunately, the Chinese government has some good news for all of us. Chinese medical specialists have promised that a new Covid-20 virus with even better properties than ‘good old’ COVID-19, will be launched in June, this year.

This is excellent news for all those who, for some reason, have not yet managed to get the COVID-19 virus, which is becoming more and more popular in the world. Right have done all those who have not rushed into getting themselves the faulty COVID-19 virus.

Computer simulation of the new COVID-20 virus to be introduced in June this year by Chinese researchers

Luckily, just in some months all people willing to catch COVID virus will all be able to get an even newer and better Covid-20 virus variant.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the new version of the Covid-20 virus yet. Just so much that it will be better and with higher quality than the current version of COVID-19 virus. Chinese medical researchers have promised that the new COVID-20 virus will also be more resistant to potential mutations. Therefore people do not have to be afraid that the new COVID-20 will mutate into new variants so easily.

According to a local source in China, medical professionals there are working hard to introduce an improved version of the virus to market as soon as possible. The news source added that despite the temporary setbacks, the work process for launching the new virus is still on schedule and at the moment, there is no fear that the release of COVID-20 could be delayed later than initially planned.


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