Scientists claim to find on Mars black-grey fungus-like life form wearing brown mittens

Bernie on Mars


Most life from Earth would not survive on Mars. However, according to the endurance tests NASA researchers have conducted, that some types of microbe, like the black mold fungus, might be able survive on the Red Planet’s surface for a substantial timeframe.

An international team of researchers recently claimed that there is indeed life on Mars — in the form of black-grey “fungus-like Martian life form” wearing brown mittens — and that they have found photographic evidence of it, according to a new study published in the journal Advances in Microbiology

The claims are based on observation of over 40 images taken by high-resolution camera of the NASA’s Preserverance Mars Rover.

The photos showed that the black-grey fungus-like life form wearing brown mittens cam change its shape and size over time and formed a kind of network on the surface of Mars, as was stated in a new study published in Advances in Microbiology,

Microbiologist Dr. Fungi Bactera from Harvard-Smithsonian University claim that this black-grey “life-form” with brown mittens might grow on any surface, not just the Martian soil.

We still cannot confirm the fact that “there is life on Mars”, but the photos show that black-grey specimens of fungus or bacteria wearing brown mittens remained in the view of the camera attached to the Mars Perseverance Rover.

The observed growth, movement, and changes in shape and location of the photographed black-grey fungus-like life worm wearing brown mittens are certainly consistent with known ways of life on Earth, providing strong evidence for the hypothesis of the possibility of life on the Red Planet.

This in turn means that Mars may have many different non-intelligent life forms, but without further research, we are not able to say that it is definitely a living form.

The hypothesis can be confirmed, for example, by scanning a DNA samples from Mars. And in the coming years (or decades), the astronauts on Mars may be the first to finally confirm that we are not alone in the Universe.

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