SHOCKING FUEL PRICES: A car fainted after seeing the prices of fuel!

Fainted car

An unexpected event took place in Denver, Colorado yesterday at 2:58 pm. A Volkswagen Polo passenger car that had not visited the local petrol station for several months fainted out of shock after seeing the prices of motor fuels sold at the petrol station.

Fortunately, a petrol station employee witnessed the incident and immediately called 911 to call paramedics for help.

Paramedics arrived in minutes after the call and immediately provided first aid to the fainted Volkswagen car. Thanks to the immediate professional help by the arrived paramedics the fainted Volkswagen Polo was brought back to life.

The police patrol that arrived to the place of incident initiated immediately the investigation about circumstances, that might have caused the incident. The police representative explained that during the investigation the police will not comment on the case in more detail.

However, local police department agreed to confirm that the fainted Volkswagen Polo was immediately taken into the care of experienced car mechanics and that car’s condition is no longer life-threatening.

Despite the lucky recovery, the fainted car must spend the next few days under the care of mechanics.

We have not been able to get any comments about what happened from the Volkswagen Polo itself. It is reasonable to believe, that the unlucky incident was caused by the great shock of seeing the shockingly high fuel prices at the gas station.

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