What to do when your stomach is too big for your shirt?


You are a man in your best years. You have been wearing only simple T-shirts and jeans for the last 20 years of your life. Life has been good and convenient.

Waking up this morning you just feel that today is the day, when you want to suit up and wear a nice shirt instead of your usual t-shirts. You open up your wardrobe closet and there it is – the nice looking shirt you wore last time some 10 years ago.

You put the shirt on, but wait…. You are unable to button it up, because somehow your stomach have become just to big for that shirt. Who could ever think of something like that?

Don’t worry! Like always, there is a fast and simple life hack to solve this problem. Using this life hack requires just a pair of scissors and problem solved.

See the following tutorial:

Photo: clubpakistan.com

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